Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Pesticides Safe? We use a wide range of materials and methods to control often dangerous pests, always keeping our customer’s safety as our number one priority. We try to minimize the amount of pesticides used by providing services that are pest specific, and often focused on the outside of your home. All applications are made in accordance with label guidelines (labels are available upon request), and typically do not require people or pets to leave areas being treated.

How Soon Can I Schedule My Appointment? We offer appointments from Monday through Saturday on a first come first serve basis. We try our best to accommodate your schedule while responding to your needs as soon as possible. Please call our office at 281-345-BUGS(2847) or 281-345-0100 or click on the “Contact Us” tabĀ for more information on our routes.

I Think I Have Termites. What Should I Do? First, don’t panic; although termites can cause significant damage, they are not going to eat your house away over night. Second, do your homework and ask lots of questions when you get quotes. You need to be confidant that you are picking the right company to fix the problem. Review all warranty information provided. Many of the warranties offered by other companies look good at first glance, be sure you understand the fine print. Your home is your biggest investment, ensure that you are making an informed decision about who will protect it. Visit our “Termite” page for more information.

I Have Seen One Mouse, Is That A Problem? Rodents, including rats, mice and squirrels are a common problem in Southern Texas. In fact the city of Houston is ranked #2 in the country in the number of rodents, not a title, that we are very proud of! Unfortunately, although one mouse does not seem like a big deal, it certainly can become one. Rodents follow pheromone scents, so if one finds an entry point into your house, others WILL follow. Other than the obvious distress they bring, they can actually be a danger. The teeth of rats and mice never stop growing, so in order to keep them trimmed to a manageable length, they gnaw on anything and everything they can including air ducts, electrical wiring (causing fire hazards), piping insulation and sheet rock. Rodents also have no control of their bowels and bladders, this means that they defecate and urinate over any surface they walk on. Finally, rodents carry fleas, so it is possible that a home with no pets has a flea infestation due solely to the presence of rodents. Although this all sounds pretty grim, control of rodents is not difficult. If you suspect that you have activity, call us today for a free inspection!

I Keep My House Clean, Why Am I Still Seeing Roaches? It is a common misconception that roaches are only found in dirty homes. Although unkept areas offer ready-made harboring and food sources for these critters, they will inhabit anywhere they are able to set up house. There are several different species of roaches in our area. The ones most associated with the south are the large “tree” roaches (watch out, they fly!), these will come in from outside at any point in the year looking for coolness in the heat, water when it is dry, or dry in the rainy seasons and always hunting for new food sources. There are also smaller roaches, some of which come in when brought into the home in anything from pet food containers and luggage to used furniture and fish aquariums. These roaches have a very fast reproductive cycle and will infest a home within a relatively short period of time. If you are seeing roach activity that seems to be a persistent problem, call us for a free inspection and treatment recommendations today!

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? This is a tricky question, because there are multiple types of swallows (African & European), and the air speed velocity changes when they are carrying items (such as coconuts). Of course, as everyone knows, unlike the African Swallow, European Swallows couldn’t carry coconuts on their own. That would require some type of team effort, and that team effort would effect the velocity. (This question courtesy of Monty Python and the Holy Grail).